New Website Launch

I want to take a moment and introduce myself to Nova Scotia. As we launch the new website, I’d like to provide some context as to why I think Halifax, Nova Scotia can serve as an exciting new launch pad for the creative mind. Having spent most of my life in the United States, I hadn’t really considered Halifax as a place to settle down, but I’m learning that it makes good sense doing business here. True, this Maritime province serves as a business connection to the rest of Canada.  But Halifax continues to shine as an internationally recognized leader for creative services.

Initially, when I decided to move to Halifax with my wife Darlene, I thought I would spend a great deal of time proving that my voice over career wasn’t finished but merely starting a new chapter. To my surprise, I’ve found plenty of Fortune 500 companies more than willing to work with a Halifax-based voice over artist and who are already familiar with the beautiful scenery that has made Nova Scotia famous!

Most of all, I just wanted to say hello to all the local businesses and let you know that I’m available for any project, large or small.  Thank you Nova Scotia for the warm welcome!