5 Must-Remembers for Voice Actors

Five Must-Remembers for Voice Actors

1. Be Prepared!
It’s pretty common for voice acting beginners to make a demo when they’re not ready. You need to make sure that you fully understand how your voice works. Being aware of what you can do and knowing your limitations are key. Once you’ve identified your weaknesses you can start working on them. It takes practice and patience to achieve the best level you can. Consult a voice over coach to help you reach your full potential. The last thing you want is to pay for a demo only to find that you’ve done half-hearted work that you’re unsatisfied with it.

2. Keep Networking!
Hooray! So you might have finally gotten yourself an agent, but that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll land the job of your dreams and become an instant success. In fact, there’s really no formula other than it takes hard work and a desire to continually improve your craft. Although having a good agent with good connections is, of course, a great contributing factor towards the likelihood of your success, it’s still important that you continue to network and “put yourself out there.” You never know what opportunities you might stumble upon by doing some legwork yourself. Also remember that you need to keep practicing and honing your voice over skills, and always be prepared for auditions; they’re solely up to you.

3. Keep Learning!
It’s important to continue to listen to different types of voice over work so that you are aware of what’s in demand. Watch TV- listen to the radio- pay attention to pre-roll YouTube ads and learn. You never know what skills you might pick up purely by listening. It’s always good to try and imitate what you hear and then adapt it to suit your personal style. Versatility is a wonderful thing, and you can never accumulate too many skills and techniques.

4. Be Session-Friendly!
Always remember who you are working for, whether it’s a voice over agency or direct client and understand what they expect from you. Never assume that you know better. If they prefer you do something in a certain way, try to understand the reason for that vocal direction. Then do your best to accommodate. If not, they’ll find another voice actor. Respect your client’s wishes. After all, you’re working for them. Always listen and be polite, punctual and professional. You want to build a positive image for yourself as well as building relationships. Positive feedback is more likely to earn you success than negative feedback, so always remember- you’re working for them.

5. Have Realistic Expectations!
You can’t expect to be an instant success overnight. It takes lots of time, practice and patience. You need to be persistent and keep trying. Always be willing to learn and improve; never assume that you know it all. Seek out a voice acting coach, or take more classes. Do everything that you can to reach your full potential. Continue to put yourself out there and work your hardest. In time, the right opportunities will come along.