Joe’s First Blog

The human voice is such a wonderful instrument to build confidence in customers or to calm and comfort those in need or even inpsire urgency for others to take action. My goal is to make sure that I use my voice to be a good fit for your project. In the below post, I want to take you through three valuable lessons, I have learned performing voice overs.

Be a storyteller.
Any good narration should close by connecting to the introductory thought or answering a question being raised. This will hold your listener’s attention and serves as what I call the “payoff.” If done with humor, all the better.

Dialog trumps hard-sell.
Sure, some commercial copy is call-to-action, price, item, deadline. But the most memorable audio pieces are those involving real people in real situations. Write this way and listeners will respond.

You can’t fake testimonials.
A testimonial will either tremendously help or disastrously hurt a business. A testimonial that is read will never engage a listener. The blurb should be short in length, not rushed, unscripted and spoken from the heart. Speak TO me and I will actually pay attention. Leave the announcing to the announcer.