Need Sales For Your Business?

As this is my first guest post on the blog, I decided to make it about the reason most people take time to consider hiring a voice talent, like Joe The Voice, and that reason is: sales. Business owners want more sales. In the interest of full disclosure, Joe is a client of my firm.
When it comes to increasing sales at a business, almost everyone will tell you to “think outside the box” and “be different”. However, entrepreneurs often feel pressure to conform or model themselves off already successful firms. How does one know when to follow the heard and when to break away? Here is what has worked for me:
Some Background: Today, I run a “successful” marketing firm and software start-up. I always knew I was an entrepreneur since I was about 8 or 9. I never struggled with what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Suggestion 1: Ask Yourself: Are you asking to “be different” or not “lost in the noise?”

If you’re going to try something new, test it, on a smaller, less costly scale. Also, test the established methods. Often they won’t work in the beginning. Once you find something that works, repeat it.
Here is a real-world example, a few years ago while buying radio advertisement, the business owner told me they wanted to “stand-out” and be “different”. The radio station offered free production of commercials using their own announcers to voice the ad. Hence, 90% of the commercials sounded identical, save and except a few national brands. I told them an effective way to be “different” was to hire a voice talent that didn’t work for the station. It would give them a sound that was completely different than any other commercial and to highlight what no other brand offered along calls to actions etc. The cost was minimal considering that the radio campaign needed to generate a return on investment.
When the ad was finalized, the client was concerned that his advertisement didn’t sound like the other ads. I said, let’s try it, if conversion doesn’t prove it works, you can revert to the free advertisement offered by the station. We did and we experienced success. Sales increased dramatically and today the voice is associated with the brand.
On the other hand the industry has established norms based on what the market will buy. You shouldn’t rule out conventional wisdom, just test and let the results and data speak for themselves. By conducting a series of small tests you can get failure out of the way.

Suggestion 2: Think about Systems. Don’t waste time building success that can’t be repeated.
Once you have found something that is successful repeat it on a large scale and continue to test smaller emerging technology. Prioritize your marketing so that the things that work have distinctive features. A voice talent, like Joe the Voice has experience helping you build and systemize your ads so that your business continues to experience sales.

Suggestion 3: Outsource what’s Not Working
Speaking in generalities, business owners often think they know more than they do. I am not an accounting expert and as much as I hate the invoices, I outsource my books. It took a long time to come to the realization that this was actually the best use of my time.
The same goes for marketing. Do you need to hire a marketing firm to do your advertising. The short answer is no. Unless you don’t know who your customer is or why they’re not buying, you’re overpaying for graphic design.

When it comes to commercials, avoid blowing budgets by talking to people like Joe The Voice, but also talk to others. Make sure not to rely on one source.
Bottom line, if you’re looking to increase sales, you can’t rely on assumptions. It either works in market or it fails, but too many businesses make decisions without consulting experts (in all areas) but especially who voices their material. Don’t read this and wait. Don’t rush because you need to get sales now. Take a deep breath and do it right. Joe The Voice will provide expertise and no-obligations consultations. I’ve seen it firsthand. Email Joe Dawson.