What is the Role of an Advertising Agency?

Advertising agencies that utilize the services of a Voice over talent play a massive role in creating and developing advertisements for a variety of large organizations.

Organizations with sufficient advertisement expertise may allow their in-house team to deal with the advertising. On the other hand, a business may choose to use a ‘full-service’ agency which provides creative work, production, media planning and buying. However, a full-service advertising agency costs an excessive amount of money, which means that those businesses that utilize them tend to have high promotional budgets but limited in-house resources.

Services advertising agencies offer:

  • Media Buying – Advertising agencies decide on the best advertising options for a particular product/service. The main purpose is to negotiate price and placement to ensure the best possible rates; i.e. schedule slots on different television channels and radio stations.


  • Advertisement Design – Advertising agencies combine copywriting, graphic design and typography to design an advertisement. This requires the agency to interpret and build on the brand values and to use the business’ branding appropriately.


  • Advertising Production – Advertising agencies will work with a business to identify a concept for the production of TV and radio ads. When the business is satisfied with the script and storyline of the ad, the process of recording and editing then begins.


  • Engaging the Target Audience – Advertising agencies can provide a range of services to engage with a business’ target audience; e.g. market research.


There are also in-house agencies who work for only one particular organization, unlike full-service agencies typically of a larger size that deal with all stages of advertising.


EE Promotional Ad Campaign starring Kevin Bacon


EE unveiled their first multi-million pound TV ad campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi starring Hollywood “A-lister” Kevin Bacon in November 2012.

EE launched an advertising campaign promoting the launch of EE. The campaign was an introduction of the UK’s first superfast 4G mobile and Fiber Broadband service. Part of the campaign involves redesigning over 700 stores in the UK. The campaign cost EE millions of pounds with advertisements across TV, press, digital and outdoor media. EE’s first TV ad was scheduled on November 3, 2012 during The X Factor on ITV.

Professional advertising agencies, such as Saatchi & Saatchi are experts in the full-service advertising field so it is beneficial for EE to collaborate with Saatchi & Saatchi in their campaign development.

Saatchi & Saatchi’s field of expertise helps guide companies like EE through a successful marketing campaign. They can also offer expert advice to EE so that at campaign’s end a business has been firmly planted on the path to success.

EE’s target audience consists of people who are likely to be of a young/middle age-  also those people who require internet on their phone. Due to their large target audience, the form of media used for EE’s debut was a TV advertisement. Saatchi & Saatchi decided to initially air this ad on ITV during The X Factor, a prime-time slot on UK TV. Because millions of viewers would have been watching The X Factor the advertisement would have reached a massive audience.

There is a downside- it is very costly to advertise during prime time evening shows.

EE’s main promotional objective was to raise awareness of EE and their services/features. Therefore, the use of TV advertising will be the most effective method in gaining the attention of their target audience. Advertising on the TV allows them to reach out to large numbers of people with their message as it is promoted all over the country, and as a result EE becomes well known.