Tax time and voiceovers!

Hire a professional, please!

My wife and I have been living in Halifax Canada for nearly 5 years and quite admittedly having to file taxes in two countries poses a bit of a challenge even for the experienced tax preparer. Since 2011 and stemming from a sense of loyalty we decided to give our Ohio accountant the work of doing both our U.S. and Canadian taxes.

Understandably this job has proven to be an ongoing struggle for our Ohio guy not being experienced in Canadian tax laws. This in itself should have been a clear sign for us to hire a tax firm who can relate to our situation, knows the right questions to ask, one who’s been down this road without having to ask for directions.

Important to note: filing a tax amendment to correct an error after the fact is much harder to settle- not to mention takes way too much time, causes headache, stress, tends to make the blood boil- all this as opposed to getting it right the first time.  And here’s my point.

In hindsight hiring a well-versed tax professional that knows my situation should have been the only way to go. My contention is that like the experienced tax professional hiring an experienced voiceover artist can do wonders in helping to present your business in the best possible light and to fend off trouble down the road.

You’re doing your best and working hard to run your business, but how do outsiders view you? Your logo is memorable, business plan is solid, even have a nice sell line. But when the buying public hears your message on TV, radio or catch your YouTube video, does your message create an emotional connnection with your listener?  And don’t laugh, even your unprofessional answering machine message can give the caller a less than professional opinion of who they might consider doing business with..

And what if over time you realize the public’s perception of you is not where it needs to be?

In an effort to change the public perception of them being a restaurant serving fried chicken (who admits to eating fried anymore, right?)  do you suppose the marketing decision to change the name Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC swayed public opinion of them overnight?  No. But KFC is committed to this and realize will take lots of money and time to re-market themselves.

You’re likely not to have the deep pockets of KFC but this scenario does beg the question: If you’ve been using inexperienced voiceover “talent” or settling for a different voice each time you advertise, have you been well-served?  Like KFC, does your reputation need a change? Are you allowing your reputation to erode over time by sounding less than professional in your on-air announcements?

Being the best at what you do in your business is no guarantee of success in advertising and facts alone don’t really matter. It’s perception. Relatability. It’s about developing this priceless emotional connection with your audience. And this all begins when you allow the professional voice actor  to help.

If you use radio, TV, YouTube or web videos to market or advertise your business, good idea! And if you’re of the mindset that a professional voice actor is the way to sell your business and get results, you’re ahead of the game.

Even if that voiceover guy isn’t me I applaud you hiring a professional voice talent. You’ve got competition out there for your product or services. You must separate yourself from the masses  and get noticed. Remember: that professional, consistent, and when it comes to an audio message, a well-written script come together to win the battle.  Utilizing an experienced voice talent on a consistent basis has proven time and again to be well worth your investment.

Let me say that Darlene and I realized this before it was too late and hired the services of a dual-country tax professional. Yes, it’s costing a bit more but after considering the consequences this move made even more sense. A tax pro specializing in this area was a wise decision for us. No more fighting with the tax man. Once a year is plenty!

Likewise a voiceover done right the first time is much better than a time consuming money-wasting audio fix later on. Go with a pro, please!