Personal Puzzle Piece

Today it’s all about doing business and networking. Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. But exactly how can you be sure you’re getting through to the decision-maker at Company-X? Is he really comfortable with you enough to trust you as a voice talent representing his business? When it comes to connecting electronically vs. meeting face to face, there’s no comparison. A business relationship is built on trust. How is.
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5 points To Remember When Hiring a Voice Talent

5 Points To Remember When Hiring a Voice Talent * One who has the right tools. Professional studio-quality equipment is a must including, for starters, a broadcast-quality microphone. Go ahead and ask what microphone he uses. Then do a small bit of research. If he cuts corners here then this so-called “professional voiceover talent” doesn’t take the voiceover craft seriously. * One who doesn’t.
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