Can you handle my project?   The audio production landscape has changed considerably over the years.  This in turn has allowed many voiceover artists to set up home studios; thus, most freelancers do not have a production staff to assist them.  Let me assure you that my decades of experience satisfying hundreds of clients in the field of not just voice-overs but also audio production speaks for itself.  With this kind of experience, you can be confident you have hired the right talent for your project.  

My turnaround?  I can usually turn around urgent work almost immediately, and am certainly willing to work outside of business hours if requested.  More importantly, I’m known for being a reliable voice over artist.  I take great care to let you know at the beginning of our work agreement when you can expect to get your project back and take pride in always meeting and exceeding those expectations. I take deadlines very seriously, adding to my determination to deliver on time, every time. Finally, I realize the voiceover business is one that thrives on the willingness to adapt. So, if the client’s circumstances change, and a more urgent turnaround time is required, I do my best to be accommodating. I have built my business on common sense and customer service, so my clients are completely satisfied with my work. Check out my testimonials to find out why.

Do I belong to a union?   No, I’m a non-union talent which means my client and I are free to negotiate the cost of my services.

Do I have access to female voice talent?   Sure do.  Just specify the voice type and I’ll match your specs and provide demos.

Retakes?  Again – yes, no charge. After I deliver your copy there is a slight fee for script re-writes.

Hey Joe, can you help me out? Let’s say you’re only the middleman.  You work with the client and copywriting is a service you provide. But if copywriting is not your thing, I can ease the pain.  I’m always happy to offer suggestions on how to improve the read or revise the script from a talent perspective, without an additional fee.

Can we discuss script before I read?  Absolutely!  Or let me have at it, and if you’d like a re-read, there’s no charge.

Am I expensive?   If you’re looking for the bottom-line price in a voiceover, you may find a cheaper offer.  It’s good to remember you get what you pay for.  As a fellow voice talent says, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.”  That said, I’m more than willing to work with you and your budget.  

Do I audition?   Yes, I am happy to preview my voice with your copy.  My goal has always been 100% client satisfaction.  Also, it’s highly likely we’ve not met face to face; therefore it’s my mission to go the extra mile to gain your trust.

Contact me today for a friendly consultation about your next project.

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